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Ready for Self-Employment?

Is Your Marriage Ready, Too?

Whether you plan to quit your day job or launch a small business on the side, you will find lots you can use right away in this course.

Enjoy Being Married
When You Take the
Self-Employment Plunge

Imagine knowing just what to say when you tell your spouse. There is no one best way to break the news. No single way to handle any disagreements. We are going to figure out the best way for your husband, wife, or life partner. (Yep, I know you don't need a marriage license to have a relationship you cannot afford to screw up.)

This full-day workshop is now available on your schedule, because it is all online. Complete the 19 short lessons when you want. Take as long as you like—you have full access to them, at any hour of the day, for an entire year.

Patty Newbold

Read the lessons or listen to them. It's your choice. I have recorded every one of them for you. After each one, there is an online worksheet so you can immediately apply what you learn to your business and your relationship.


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A One-of-a-Kind Course for Married Men or Women Starting a Business

Enjoy Being Married When You Take the Self-Employment Plunge

  • Course Overview
  • Breaking the News
    How Will Your Form of Self-Employment Affect Your Mate?Discuss or Announce?How Much is at Stake?What Might Go Wrong?How To Get Buy-In And Support From Your Spouse
  • Building Your Business, Caring For Your Marriage
    Marriage First, Business SecondFeedback, Love, And GratitudeManage Your Marriage And Family TimeManage Your Work TimeChoose People Who Support Your Marriage
  • Working Together
    Define FairGet It In WritingExpress Gratitude and Love in the Right LanguageFocus on Strengths More Than Abilities
  • Keep A Business Crisis From Becoming A Marriage Crisis
    Plan To Keep Your Spouse InformedPlan For Unexpected SuccessFind Your Third Alternatives in Advance
  • Course Wrap-Up
  • A full day's content: 19 Audios + 19 Transcripts + 19 Worksheets
    Learn from them on your schedule

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Sign up and you can be starting your first lesson in five minutes or less. Best of all? If it is not what you need to become a happily married new business owner, you have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just send me an email. My address is on every page of the course.