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A Journal to Bring Joy to Any Marriage with Too Many Disagreements
By Patty Newbold

Perfect as a wedding or first anniversary gift–or as a treat for yourself whenever disagreements come between you and your spouse.

Agreed includes a one-year journal for discovering how much you two agree on. You also receive helpful worksheets and easy-to-follow instructions for finding your way to satisfying agreements without bullying, going along to get along, or compromising.

“In a compromise, no one gets what they want: you agree to a bit of pain or disappointment in exchange for visiting the same amount of pain or disappointment on your mate. Not so good for your marriage or your mental health.”

It’s a journal of your journey from what might feel like an incompatible relationship to an end to fighting with your husband or wife. Couples making decisions together can use the included worksheets to get to a satisfying agreement painlessly.

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