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Enjoy Being Married Tote Bag

A sturdy black canvas bag with the Enjoy Being Married logo. Use it for your wine and cheese picnic, a trip to the beach, or a trip to the library. Fill it with flowers as a special gift for your spouse.

A black canvas tote bag with the Enjoy Being Married logo on the front

You might even add some great marriage books and a wedding planner to give as an engagement gift.

14″ high (24.5″ if you include the sturdy handles) and 5″ x 12.5″ at the bottom. A water-resistant interior and a 14.5″ zipper across the top. The front pocket is a generous 13″ deep with a 14.5″ zipper across the top. Plenty of room for all your papers.

I take mine with me everywhere. Once, while touring Ireland, my husband was carrying all of our souvenirs of the day in it, and a stranger trailing behind him next to me at a crowded intersection pointed it out and commented on what a great guy he must be. I heartily agreed.

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